Tips are little nuggets of information that help us all. The most-useful tip for customers is to include AWA in your “water” plans and actions before a problem occurs.

Please call us early if you need to do anything that will involve your water service or potential service. We have people that can explain AWA’s requirements and protocols, as well as visit your site as needed. Good planning will prevent problems later.

Please don’t ask your neighbor, your buddy, or someone at work. Call AWA at 724.266.4847 and run your situation past us. If we don’t immediately know the answer to your question, we’ll locate the information and get back to you.

Very Important Tip: Don’t dig holes without doing a PA OneCall. This is a service that will protect you by having all underground utilities located at no charge. (Privately owned lines are not marked.) You can reach OneCall by dialing 811 or 800.242.1776 or go to