Our goal is that you find the information contained within this area to be useful and thorough.

The Customer Service Handbook is a compilation of answers and information gleaned from thousands of conversations with customers and the general public. Here, various issues are explained in a non-technical way that everyone can use. FAQs are the most common topics.

Quality Report refers to a document that is prepared and mailed every June to every existing address within the system. Mandated by the U S Environmental Protection Agency, it provides an overview of the previous year’s news and water testing. It is often referred to as a Consumer Confidence Report.

Billing rates are the cost structure for water service. The basic residential and small-business service is shown here. Many different rates exist, based on distance/elevation and the service size. If you need larger-size rates, please call 724.266.4847 for that information. Rates consist of a base charge which is determined by the meter size plus a per-thousand-gallons charge for water. Regular bills are for a 3-month period.