Maintenance and Service

Posted on: December 11, 2020

1. Turbidimeters

New Lovibond turbidimeters were purchased and installed on each of the ten filters as well as the raw and finished water.  These models are continuous-reading process monitoring instruments required for regulatory reporting of turbidity to the DEP.

2. Eurotherm

A new Eurotherm recording device has been installed in order to constantly monitor, record, and save the turbidity data received from each turbidimeter. 

3. Filter to waste meters

Immediately after a filter is washed, settled water is then ran through the filter to “reseed” the filter bed.  This process is referred to as filter to waste.  In the past, the amount of water used in this process had been unaccounted for.  New filter to waste meters have been installed on each of the ten filters, allowing AWA to better manage their water consumption. 

4. Chlorine Analyzers

Two new Kuntze online chlorine analyzers have been installed to constantly monitor the amount of chlorine that is used in the disinfection process. These units enable the operators to adjust the chlorine dosage with much more precision and accuracy.   

5. Upgraded chemical storage tanks

Double walled chemical storage tanks were purchased and installed in order to provide secondary containment required by the DEP to decrease the likelihood of a chemical spill. 

6. Upgraded SCADA/Plant PLC

In order to monitor and record all of the data/pump stations/tank levels/etc., a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system is used at the treatment plant. This system as well as the plant’s PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) have been upgraded in order to keep up with all the new information being recorded in the system.  

7. New roof/Boiler

A new roof and boiler system have recently been installed at the treatment plant.  These were very costly/much needed maintenance issues that were required for a building that is over 100 years old. 

8. Audible alarms

Due to the updated filtration requirements provided by the DEP, audible alarms have been programmed into the filter plant’s SCADA system.  These alarms alert the operators to a potential problem before it occurs, enabling them to be proactive while operating the treatment plant.